Who Wants Some Advertising Love?

Big Announcement: I’m finally getting around to selling ad space on my blog.

Bigger Announcement: The LOST Season Finale is on Sunday night. (what? you already knew?)

Biggest Announcement: I’m giving away a free ad on my blog for the month of June (and maybe July too) to one of you.

You see those 125 x 125 boxes over there? That could be a link for your blog or website, beckoning my intelligent readers to come check out your site. They’ve just finished my post, they need something to click on…sure would be nice if your site was linked there, wouldn’t it?


I’m selling a 125 x 125 ad for $50/month. Or, if you want to sign up for 3 months, you pay $125.

(Also, as an added “thank you” for signing up for the 3-month deal, I’ll write up a short post pointing folks to your blog/site on a Saturday we both agree to.)


  • I currently average about 15,000 page views a month
  • I currently average about 5,500 unique visitors a month
  • All my blog posts go out to my 4,000 Twitter followers every day (usually twice or thrice).
  • I have some of the best readers on the web, as you know…so there’s that.


email me at bryanallain-at-gmail.com and I can sign you up or answer any questions.*


I’m giving away one of those 125 x 125 ad spaces for the month of June.

Here’s how to win:

1. Leave a comment to this post with the blog/website you’d like to win an ad for.

2. (optional) If you tweet about the contest (I’ll tell you exactly what to tweet in a second) and you are chosen as the winner, you’ll win an additional month for your free ad. So instead of running from June 1 to June 30th, it will stay online until July 31st.

To be eligible for the extra free month, you need to be following me on Twitter, you need to include your Twitter name in your comment, and you need to tweet this:

RT @bryanallain is giving away a free ad on his blog. Don’t go there & lessen my chances of winning. http://tinyurl.com/AdLove

  • please leave only one comment to this post or I reserve the right to disqualify you.
  • I’ll pick a winner via random.org after the contest closes at 11:30pm EDT on Sunday Night.
  • I’ll announce the winner sometime next week)**

Good Luck to everyone, I’m excited to give some free ad space away to one of you!

And if you don’t win, consider advertising on the site anyway.

Finally, if you’re new here, Click Here and check out the Featured Posts.

*Advertising is available on a first come, first served basis, and I reserve the right to approve or deny ads based on my petty whims. Sorry Gilly, but it’s my site so I make the rules. If you are interested in buying an ad, I am interested in working with you to make it work.

**If you win the contest, but your site is all about how to hide things from your spouse or how to cuss in front of your kids, I WON’T be posting your ad. In that case, I’ll just give you a $20 gift card to Amazon and a slap in the head.