LOST Thoughts: The Finale Preview

(If you don’t watch LOST, fear not. This is the last LOST preview post.)

My brother Jordan and I are back one last time to discuss LOST before a new episode airs. (Jordan’s thoughts will be the ones in blue)


S6, Ep. 16, “What They Died For”

My 10 biggest Observations/Questions/Thoughts

1. Can’t believe this is the last time we’ll preview an episode of LOST. I guess all good things must come to an end cuz if it didn’t end it wouldn’t be good.


Thank you. I loved the fact that Jack accepted the role as protector when he did. Figured that would be one of the final moments of the show, but with it being done, it will be interesting to see what that leads to. Did you like it?

I did. I felt the same way about expecting it to be one of the last moments. This way is better though, now we get to watch Jack’s first actions as protector.

2. Speaking of things it will lead to…does Jack’s acceptance as the Candidate mean that Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer can now be killed by the MIB?

Hmm, that is a definite possibility.

3. And this is a little out there, but we saw Jacob give Jack water to drink, not wine. Any chance at all that Jack is not the real Candidate, and that this was a misdirection? What if near the end Jack realizes he has to die to save the island, and that Hurley will be the Candidate?

I’m not buying that at all. Interesting thought, but I can’t get behind it.

4. Desmond is loose on the island, and Widmore told Flocke that he was a failsafe. The guy who turned the failsafe key has become a failsafe himself. What does that mean? Will sending him into the light source reboot everything? Do you predict that the failsafe will come into play, whatever it is?

There has been some discussion as to which Desmond is the failsafe. Original Timeline Desmond or Flash Sideways Timeline Desmond. He is gathering everyone together and showing them the OT in the FST. But it seems like he has something important on the island to do in the OT. I still like the idea of him taking FLocke into the light source.

Yeah, his immunity to the electromagentic energy has to mean that he’ll either A) turn the donkey wheel really far, B) go into the light source (maybe taking Flocke with him), or C) get stuck to a refrigerator in New Otherton where he will rot for eternity. Not a fan of C, personally, but you never know.

5. Ben’s redemption from a few episodes ago to Team Jacob certainly seems to have turned again. What’s your gut telling you, that we’re finally seeing the real Ben, or that he’s trying to con Flocke?

My gut is telling me that he is conning Flocke. I mean, first Flocke tells him that he can be in charge of the island when he leaves, then he tells him that he is going to destroy the island. Don’t you think this would give Ben less reason to help him?

Yeah, that was weird to me too. The only reason I might be convinced that Ben is legitimately evil again is his line about “the smoke monster was summoning me”. It made me think back to when he was a little boy and almost died on the island but Richard “saved” him. What if, like Sayid, he was infected? Come to think of it, that’s a question that’s never really been answered. What’s the implications for Ben of what happened to him.

But yeah, I think I’m leaning to the “Ben is conning Smokey” option because his actions are so different all of a sudden. And even if he is trying to stop Flocke, he still wanted Widmore dead because of what happened to Alex. Plus, didn’t he give Miles a radio before he left. Perhaps keeping Miles clued in to his discussions with Flocke is going to play a key role?

Yeah he gave Miles a walkie talkie so he must have something up his sleeve. Also, remember Ben and Charles’ conversation in the penthouse suite. Charles asks Ben if he is there to kill him and Ben says “We both know I can’t do that.” Now, I feel like Charles is probably dead, but this does leave a door slightly open. Maybe Ben shooting Charles was part of the con on the MiB. Widmore could come in at the end to save the day, or maybe that line didn’t mean what we thought it did.

6. Some speculation online about Richard being killed by Flocke, but I think smokey just threw him out of the way. By the way, that scene was amazing. Going from Smokey one second to Flocke sitting down on the porch the next second was awesome.

Yeah I’d like to think Richard is still alive but its very possible that he is dead.

7. Good to see some of the larger answers of the show coming into focus, like Jacob telling them they were chosen and brought to the island because they were flawed people looking for something in life. Just crazy to look back and remember when we first started wondering if the plane crash was an accident, and then when we found out about the button we were convinced it was an accident, but now we know otherwise.

Yeah and all those times we heard Jacob’s List being mentioned by the others. Funny though that Mikhail told Locke and Kate and Sayid that they were not on Jacob’s list because they were flawed. Jacob told them the exact opposite, that they were on the list because they are flawed. I loved Jacob’s line to Kate “It’s just a line of chalk in a cave, the jobs still yours if you want it.”

Fantastic line. Miles also had a couple gems too. The lines about “living in this house 30 years ago, which was like last week”, and the “what is this, the secreter room?” were great too.

8. This concert in the sideways world has the potential to lead to some amazing scenes. Jack and Claire will be there to watch Jack’s son. Miles and Charlotte will be there for their connections to the Museum (And Sawyer will probably come with Miles). If the benefit is benefitting the school, then Ben and Locke could be there. If acclaimed pianist Daniel (Faraday) Widmore is there, then so too might be Eloise, Penny, Charles, and maybe even Charlie Pace. Not sure how Hurley, Kate, and Sayid will get there…oh wait, yes I am…because they’re all with Desmond right now, and they’re probably headed to the concert. Add in a backdrop of classical music, and it could be amazing.

Also Dr. Pierre Chang will be there, and David’s Mother. That could be a potentially exciting reveal. Will we see David’s mother and will it be a character from the OT. Either way I think that the scene we thought was going to happen in the hospital is going to take place at this concert.

9. Major loose ends that I’m pretty sure they will tie up: what’s the deal with Jack’s neck cuts? We haven’t seen Juliet all season…how are they gonna work in the coffee date with Sawyer from the opening moments of this season? And who is David’s mother? (probably Juliet?)

Yeah that’s a good guess. Not many other cool characters it could be.

10. My final prediction for the show is this: I have a hard time believing we’ll end up with the original timeline in tact and the Sideways gone. Too somber of an ending. I believe the Sideways will be the timeline that lives on, and the reason it will feel satisfying is that the changes that have happened to our characters in the Original Timeline will be “downloaded” into their heads when they become aware of both realities. The reason I bristled at the thought of the Sideways being the one that lasts was because it would make the last 6 seasons of LOST pointless. BUT, what if all the character growth mattered because the Sideways people became aware of what happened in the Original?

Yes this has been my line of thought for a few weeks now. If the sideways timeline is just erased then a lot of the show would be pointless anyhow since there was a great deal of build up for the jughead detonation.

It’s not nice and neat, and I have no idea how they’ll pull it off, but that’s what I’m going with. I think the Original Timeline will be destroyed, leaving us with the only other one we know. But because our main characters will have knowledge of the past 120 hours of TV we’ve seen (which we’ve already seen hints of when Hurley sees Ana Lucia and immediately knows who she is), it won’t feel like everything they’ve experienced in the Original Timeline was a waste of our (and their) time.

What are your thoughts on where the finale might go?

I think you are pretty close except that the OT doesn’t have to be destroyed. I think both timelines can exist.

As for the finale, I don’t even want to say too much. I can’t really tell you what I want from it other than suspense, action, some tear jerking moments, and some kind of conclusion with a sprinkle of open endedness. Hopefully the conflict concludes with a good 20 minutes left in the episode. That way they can give us some kind of ending montage showing the characters in their happy lives and maybe they look off into the distance at a passing plane and a tear wells up in their eye. A good final scene could be Jack on the island alone working at the loom in the foot of the statue, then he goes out to the beach and stares off at the ocean when he sees a boat approach. Then a close up of his eye and it closes and Lost ends for the last time.

Or ya know, something like that.

I’d be cool with that, as long as it’s not a Return of the King type ending where Jack and the Smoke Monster are tickling each other on a large bed. That might be too weird, even for this show.

Sunday night is all that’s left folks…The 2.5-hour Series Finale, “The End”

Enjoy it.