LOST Thoughts: Season 6, Episode 14

(If you don’t watch LOST, these posts will be torturous to you. I apologize in advance. Just skip them and come back later, when I will try to make it up to you.)

My brother Jordan and I are back to discuss a few things related to episode 14 of LOST’s final season, “The Candidate”. (Jordan’s thoughts will be the ones in blue)


S6, Ep. 14, “The Candidate”

My 10 biggest Observations/Questions/Thoughts

1. I read somewhere that Locke knows they’re not all dead because he still can’t leave. I liked that. Make sense to you?

I think so. Although, how would he know without trying to leave? I thought he couldn’t travel over water.

Yeah, I guess as soon as the bomb went off he tried to leave (whatever that looks like) and he couldn’t, so he knew.

2. Any chance Widmore is in cahoots with Smokey and this is all a ploy for Widmore to take over for Flocke? Locke knew the bomb would be on the plane (he grabbed the watch first) and it didnt seem like the sub was that guarded.

I guess there is an outside chance, but it would definitely surprise me.

3. Interesting theory I heard this week: Desmond’s job is to turn the donkey wheel and move the island. But it will be different this time because he is special. He has been subjected to all that electromagnetic energy already. He will keep turning and turning it longer than anyone else could…and something crazy will happen. What do you think of that?

Well its something. There has to be some reason that Desmond was brought back, and this is the first real theory I’ve heard about it. So I like it.

4. Where are Richard, Miles, and Ben? Any chance THEY placed that bomb in the plane?

I highly doubt it. They didn’t want to kill Smokey or the candidates, they just wanted to destroy the plane, so you’d think they would just blow it up not rig it to explode when they start it. I was so excited when this “supergroup” of richard ben and miles formed. Its three of my favorite characters, but we haven’t seen one scene about them since. I would love to hear some banter as they walk through the woods together.

5. What is the mirror clue they keep giving us? I have a feeling it will make more sense in the end. Locke gets healed through a plane crash in the original timeline, but injured in one in the alt. Is it as simple as that? Is the sideways world where big events have been flipped around? What’s with the mirrors???

I think so, I don’t think they are going to be warped through a mirror or anything like that. I think they are just trying to hammer home the point that this world is like a mirror world of the original timeline.

6. Moving moment when the Kwons died, as soon as i realized it was coming I got a pit in my chest. I guess a lot of people were thinking about Ji Yeon during that scene, wondering why Sun would be okay with Jin not trying to live for the sake of the baby. Didn’t occur to me, but I guess Sun probably figured Jin wouldn’t get off the island anyway? Also, I still keep hearing people wondering if candidate #42 was not Jin or Sun, but Ji Yeon. I’m not buying it for a second, you?

It could be, I don’t see a reason that it couldn’t be Ji Yeon. Jin has always been a favorite of mine so I was very sad to see him finally go. He has survived an exploding raft, and an exploding tanker, but he couldn’t survive the exploding submarine. I did think that Sun might use a line about Ji Yeon to convince Jin to leave her, but I guess he wanted to keep his promise of never leaving her again.

The writers said in their podcast this week that they knew it would be a controversial decision, but they felt like it was true to the characters.

7. Do you think Jack will be the only one who survives in the original timeline? Seems like part of the definition of being The Candidate is that you’re the only one left standing.

Yeah Jacob told Richard that every candidate that failed was dead. So I assume you either replace Jacob or die.

8. Any thoughts on what’s happening in Alt-world? I honestly have no idea where it’s all going. Even if Desmond and Jack convince all of them that something crazy is happening, and even if they all convene in the hospital, then what? Are they all just gonna kill themselves? Blow up the world? Try to all fart at once? Seems to me there’s nothing they can do in the Alt-world on a large scale, and that the big decisions will happen in the original timeline. your thoughts?

To me it seems to be shaping up that everyone will die in the original timeline and the Alt World will be everyone’s second chance at a life without Jacob. Not sure if this is what we all had in mind for the Alt World at the start of the season, but it looks to me that this is what will happen.

Wow, i still feel like the alt-world will be the one to go bye bye. But then again, will it be a satisfying ending if every character but one or two is dead in the end? Don’t know…but I trust the writers.

9. One a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you that tonight’s episode is about Smokey and Jacob?

I didn’t know that it was until just now, and I gotta say it makes me pretty excited. Probably a 7 or 8, and when the episode starts it will skyrocket to 15.

I’m at a 23 right now.

10. Most importantly, the finale of LOST has just been extended a half hour, and it will run from 9pm-11:30pm on Sunday the 23rd. What are your plans for the finale? Where will you watch it and who will you watch it with? Will you watch it live or on a delay via DVR?

How can they extend it now? Hasn’t all the filming been done already? I guess they aren’t going to edit as much out.

Yeah, they got the thumbs up on the extension during the editing process. Basically, the final episode is going to be a full length movie. And they edited it in 6 days. #amazing

I will probably be watching it at my friend John’s house. It will just be the two of us and we will watch it live. Commercial breaks are kind of nice during Lost, gives you time to digest and speculate.

Erica and I will watch it on a slight delay, but will probably catch up at some point. And Jimmy Kimmel is having a blow-out show with the cast and crew and unseen clips that I’ll have to tape too. Oh, and also I’ll cry a bunch.

tonight…Episode 15, “Across the Sea” (just 5 4.5 hours of LOST left)