Check out our new kitchen

If you’ve watched any of my Advertising Brilliance videos, you know that my kitchen was being completely redone this Spring.

Many of you lamented the fact that no progress was being made when, week after week, I was shilling crappy products in the same dilapidated shell of a kitchen.

Well, as some of you figured out, progress was being made. I recorded most of those ads on two nights, and in the meantime my amazing father-in-law was working every day as the general contractor on our new kitchen.

The project went from start to finish in 7 weeks! It included taking out a wall, installing new lights, installing new cabinets, taking out 3 windows, installing a new window, installing a new sliding door, installing new appliances, new hardwood floors, painting all the walls, replacing siding on the house, adding in a gas line, adding in a new hood vent, new tile backsplash, new countertops, and a bunch of other stuff I’m forgetting.

I had almost nothing to do with the effort, because I suck at that type of stuff. I helped lay down flooring one Saturday and that was about it.

Here’s some before and after pics so you can see the finished product. We turned our second living room into a dining room since we never used it. And we took out the wall that separated the old dining room from the kitchen and made it one huge kitchen.

bunch of stuff left to do, like new window dressings and decorations

but this gives you the general idea of the awesomeness

exchanged the roman columns for a wine rack and an arch.

you can see how that doorway on the left used to close in the dining room

but now it’s one big open area

this probably gives the best idea as to the depth of the new kitchen

we were never crazy about the countertops and cabinets that came with the place

but we love everything now, thanks to Erica making all 3000 decisions that needed to be made.

the hardwood is Tigerwood (Brazilian), the counters are granite

all the cabinets were made buy a great Amish guy named Steve

nope, not joking either. Amish Steve killed it with these cabinets.

we had very little storage space before, particularly for food.

now we’ve got lots of cabinets and a food pantry between the fridge and the desk

I used to be able to fit the whole kitchen in this shot

now its just the fridge, pantry, and desk.

kinda looks like a kitchen in a magazine if you ask me.

I’m still in awe that it’s ours. My father-in-law does amazing work.

So yeah, not having a kitchen for almost 2 months was awful.

But we couldn’t be happier with the kitchen we have now.

Look for a new Advertising Brilliance video featuring the new kitchen on Monday.

and have a great weekend everyone!