The Thing About Little League Coaches

I’ve been doing quite a bit of guest posting during the month of April. The link to today’s guest post on Tyler Stanton’s blog is coming in a minute. Tyler and I spend way too much time letting the internets know that we used to be cyber friends but are now real friends. For some reason we think the internets care about this.

If you’ve ever played Little League, had a kid who played little league, or had a nephew or niece that played little league, chances are you’ve had at least one crummy coach.

In fact, here’s the 7 Levels of Little League Coaches you can get, from great to awful.

1. Cal Ripken. For some reason he decided to spend all of his free time coaching your kid’s team.

2. The Super-Nice Coordinated Guy. This guy knows how to play the game AND he loves kids.

3. The Taskmaster Former College Ball Player. Not so great with the kids, but at last they’re learning something. (Like how to take insults.)

5. The Super-Nice Dude with No Clue. He has no idea what baseball is, but hey, your kids are having fun.

6. The Taskmaster with No Clue. You have to spend 45 minutes after every practice loving on your kid AND un-teaching him all the wrong stuff he just learned. Makes your family hate baseball.

7. The Devil Himself. Self-explanatory.

Over at Tyler’s Blog today I’ve got a post entitled “Don’t Be That Guy: The Awful Little League Coach”. It’s basically a few pointers to help keep you from turning into #6 on the above list. Go check it out, it’s a hoot.

(by the way, if you’re not reading Tyler’s blog on a consistent basis, I question the value of your existence and your will to live a fulfilling life.)

And have I mentioned that Tyler and I are real friends? Like, we hang out in real life sometimes and stuff. Crazy, huh?

Today’s Guest Post – DBTG: The Awful Little League Coach