My Love/Hate Relationship with Water

I’ll be doing quite a bit of guest posting during the month of April. The link to today’s guest post on Jill’s SwimSutra blog is coming in a minute. Jill was one of the winners of the “Can I Guest Post on Your Blog Contest”.

Water. It can be the best thing in the world. It can be the worst thing in the world.

You take two hydrogen atoms, one oxygen atom, a few carbon bonds, and voila! You’ve got a pretty important substance.

Over at the SwimSutra blog today I shared a guest post about my Love/Hate relationship with water.

But before you check that out, here’s a few bonus points that didn’t make the cut…

Drowning: Some people think it’s one of the better ways to go, for others it’s their worst fear. Me: Not a big fan. If anyone ever tied cement blocks to my ankles and threw me in the Gulf of Mexico I’d be pretty bummed out. Not just because I was about to die, but because of those 30 seconds where you realize you’re about to die. Wait, why are we talking about this again? Oh yeah, because sometimes Water is BAD.

Pooping: Have you ever been forced to take a dump in the woods? You forget how bad your own waste smells because dropping it in water contains most of it’s nastiness. But man, release that thing in the wild and you soon realize you should add “modern plumbing” to the list of things you thank God for everyday. In this case, Water is GOOD.

Diseases – One of the cruelest imbalances in the world is that in America we have faucets that deliver clean running water in every home and in many parts of the world they have to struggle to find any kind of water, even if it is contaminated. Sad to think that this substance that is so needed to bring life can actually hasten death when it is dirty and filled with diseases. Sometimes Water is VERY BAD. That’s one of the reasons that Erica and I have supported the work of Blood:Water Mission before. If you’re looking to make a dent in this problem, you can donate to Blood:Water to help support the digging of a clean water well in Africa.

I’ve got 5 other reasons why I love/hate water, and you can read them over at Jill’s blog. (And while you’re there bookmark her and give the site a test drive for a couple weeks.)

Have a great weekend everyone!