LOST Thoughts: Season 6, Episode 12

(If you don’t watch LOST, these posts will be torturous to you. I apologize in advance. Just skip them and come back later, when I will try to make it up to you.)

My brother Jordan and I are back to discuss a few things related to episode 12 of LOST’s final season, “Everybody Loves Hugo”. (Jordan’s thoughts will be the ones in blue)

But first, here’s a schedule of the rest of LOST:

  • 4/20 – Episode 13 (“The Last Recruit”)
  • 4/27 – No new episode
  • 5/4 – Episode 14
  • 5/11 – Episode 15
  • 5/18 – Episode 16
  • 5/23 – 7-9pm special 2 hour LOST recap, 9-11pm 2-hour Finale, “The End”


S6, Ep. 12, “Everybody Loves Hugo”

Who didn’t love the fact that Hurley and Libby kissed? Only the robots among us.

And how great was it that Hurley remembered the blanket this time? As i recall, the reason Libby was shot by Michael in the hatch was because she had to go back for the blanket that Hurley forgot and walked in on Michael shooting Ana Lucia. That’s what made that shot of Hurley laying out the blanket so great.

Good stuff for sure, and with only 6 hours left, let’s just do 10 quick hitters:

My 10 biggest Observations/Questions/Thoughts

1. So when Desmond ran over Locke in the sideways, was he trying to kill him (maybe as retribution for the well toss on the island) or was he trying to help him realize his other life?

I think he was trying to help him see his other life. Lost loves its dualities. Love and (near)Death are the two things that can show you your other life. Black and White.

Yeah, either that or Desmond is trying to recreate moments in the Original timeline for these people in the sideways. He’s trying to trigger their memories. For Hurley it was his feelings for Libby. Maybe for Locke it was the feeling of near-death after falling out the window?

2. Oh and guess which 2 characters are probably headed to the hospital now? Locke and Ben. Oh and guess what else they have at hospitals? MRI machines. Looking more and more like something is going to happen at the hospital isn’t it?

It most certainly does. Maybe Dr House will be there as well. That would be awesome.

And speaking of Locke and Ben, the fact that Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson are pitching a show in L.A. right now about “suburban hit men juggling family issues” is beyond rad. I know we’d both be in on that one.

3. When Desmond told professor Ben that he had a son named Charlie, I think that was the writers way of letting us know that Desmond is connected in both worlds now. Both Desmonds are aware of their own existence as well as their other life. Pretty sure if I exist in another reality right now I am eating cheese. Which means I am eating cheese in both realities, which is awesome.

I envy you in both realities.

4. Do you think island Desmond knew that John Locke was the Smoke monster or did he think he was really Locke?

I believe that he thought it was actually John Locke, but I wouldn’t be surprised if i was wrong.

Yeah, I think so too. He’d have no reason to think it WASN’T John Locke. Although I guess now he does since he’s lying at the bottom of a well with wounds that are probably beginning to smell like almonds.

5. I think you can make a case that the lives our LOSTies are living in the sideways world was created for them so that they would have the thing they most wanted and not pine for another existence (or remember their “real” existence). Eloise basically said that to Desmond 2 weeks ago. Do you think this sideways world was an accidental effect of the bomb going off or do you think it’s the creation of someone (Smokey, Jacob, Eloise for some other reason)?

I am starting to believe that someone created it. Not sure who, maybe someone we don’t even know about yet. If there are rule violations, then its very possible that someone created those rules and this whole situation.

6. Jacob claimed to really need Ilana’s help, but in the end she didn’t do a whole lot other than tell the candidates what they were before she exploded. Interesting though that Frank the pilot is still hanging around. Seems to me that we’re a few episodes away from Frank getting in the cockpit of Ajira 316 for an attempted takeoff.

Yes. He is an expendable character, compared to the few others that are left, but Smokey needs him to fly that plane so he will probably protect him at all costs.

7. The reveal of what the whispers felt a little forced to me. But I’m cool with it because giving answers like that might keep the whiners quiet. how did that reveal make you feel?

Yeah it wasn’t very Lost-like. But it didn’t feel too far out there for me to buy it. They are probably going to have to do some more of those in the future with the limited time that is left.

I was very surprised to see that Michael came back. I know that Harold Perrineau was upset with how they portrayed his character as a bad father and he never really got redemption before he died leaving his son without either parent. Especially since he was the only main character that was black. But really all the characters in the show are either bad fathers or had a bad father. Maybe he’ll end up doing something to win us over after all.

Yeah, I know some people were moved by him telling Hurley to pass along his apology. I wasn’t, but that’s because I only cry during chick flicks and at the end of good sporting events.

8. Love how unamused Smokey Locke was to see Jack. Like, really not happy. Wonder if that’s some of Locke’s animosity towards Jack coming through, or if Locke knows something more about Jack. Or maybe it was just that it was there first meeting? Has Jack ever had a face to face with the smoke monster in any form before? (maybe as Christian, right?)

Definitely the first official meeting of Jack and Smokey. Jack looked more unamused to me than Flocke did. Flocke seemed to have a sinister grin while Jack looked a tad concerned. If my memory serves me correctly. I think that next week should be very interesting, well I guess every episode will be from now on.

Yeah, and it made me even more sure that Jack and Locke, who have always been opposed in some way, will remain on separate sides through the very end.

9. Who is the boy? Is it the same boy we’ve seen before? Different? Does it even matter?

I have no clue, I love that even with this little amount of time left the writers are opening up new mysteries to keep us guessing.

Yeah. A little research confirmed that it’s the same actor playing that boy, it’s just that he had much different hair color in each episode. If that kid isn’t Jacob, I’ll be surprised.

10. Feeling good about this season, and considering there’s a 2 week break after tonight’s episode i hope it’s a good one. I’m glad Hurley’s crew just showed up in Flocke’s camp because I was growing tired of that scene. We’ve been told “war is coming to the island” for a while now, but Sawyer and Kate have been roasting marshmallows for the past 10 episodes. Pretty sure things are about to get interesting there.

Without a doubt. Can’t wait to see what transpires.

and tonight we will…Episode 13, “The Last Recruit” (just 7 6 hours of LOST left)