Renee Johnson, Devotional Diva

Renee Johnson’s new devotional book, Faithbook of Jesus, released a few weeks ago on March 8th.

When she asked me if I’d be interested in an interview to help promote the book, I jumped at the chance. Only, I jumped too high and was decapitated a curiously sharp ceiling fan.

Despite no longer having a head, I still wanted to share Renee’s answers to the Humor Survey with you…

But before I do that, let me just say you should check out her book. I got my copy earlier this week and the first thing that stuck out to me was how personal the devotions are. That’s why I think it would be perfect for twenty-somethings looking for something more than “just another devo that could have been written by a 68-year old retired fisherman”. The devos are quick, biblically based, and always engaging. There’s not a whole lot out there on the market like what Renee has done.

Anyway, here’s Renee…

1. What were a few of the things you remember laughing at the most as a kid?

RJ: Ace Venture: Pet Detective. Still to this day I laugh hysterically when I think of Jim Carey and his famous phrases. I can even move my eyebrows up and down individually like he can!!! I remember laughing at TGIF on Friday nights as a kid on ABC like Family Matters, Step by Step, Dinosaurs, and Hanging with Mr. Cooper. I loved Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor in the show Home Improvement. I loved Chris Farley (God rest his soul).

2. What about now as an adult?

RJ: Pretty much the same things. I love stupid humor. Slapstick and utterly rediculous. My favorite comedies still have Adam Sandler and Jim Carey and I absolutely love potty humor (don’t ask me why). Oh, and your mom jokes. Please God help me!

3. Conversely, is there something that lots of other people find humorous that never really makes you laugh?

RJ: There are just some forms of sarcasm or the new line of crude comedies that I just don’t find funny at all. For instance “Knocked Up” or “Juno” those kinds of movies just don’t make me laugh.

4. Do you think Christians are afraid of humor?

RJ: I think only the uptight ones are. But they’re usually laughing at intellectual things that don’t make sense to me. Wait, does that make me stupid?

5. How do you think humor can be useful to Christianity?

RJ: The Bible says that a cheerful heart is good medicine. My doctor once told me to laugh every day really hard for about 5 minutes straight because the studies shown actually prove that it helps heal you. There is just something powerful in humor and not taking things so seriously.

6. In your opinion, how is humor different from sarcasm/cynicism?

RJ: With me they go hand in hand. No, just kidding–I think there is an backhanded humor to sarcasm because when you say things like “just kidding” it still hurts the other person.

7. Why do you want to be funny?

RJ: To make others laugh. It is pure bliss to make someone’s bad day much better. It usually begins with me bombarding them with all sorts of sarcasm and makin’ fun of themselves, but once they see they’re being a big baby (sometimes myself included) we end up having a good laugh about it.

8. Do you have a favorite quote (or joke or story) about comedy, humor, and making people laugh?

RJ: Yes, but it’s dirty. 🙂

Thanks for playing along, Renee!

If you want more Renee, check out her site here and her book here.

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