Fall 2009 Traffic Trends II

You speak, I listen.

After yesterday’s xenophobic Fall Traffic post I realized I was ignoring the international portion of my blog audience.

Shame on me.

So here’s the Top 15 Internationally of 4 different categories:

Total # of Visits – duh.

Pages/Visit – Top 15 countries that read the most stuff every visit.

Avg. Time on Site – (also known as “slowest readers”)

Bounce Rate – Countries with highest % of visitors who didn’t bounce away after viewing 1 page

a few thoughts…

1. I have no idea what (not set) is. I think it’s people logging on to the site from the LOST island and Google just doesn’t know how to classify them.

2. I love how committed my Costa Rican readers are. There’s not a lot of them, but when they come, they stick around and take their time.

3. Very close race for that #3 spot in total visits. The Aussies were only about 40 visitors behind the UK. Will be interesting to see if the UK can hold their spot over the winter.

4. Peru is one of my favorite countries to throw into jokes. I love how easy it rolls off the tongue. Happy to see that Peruvians click around a lot when they visit.

5. If you want more information about a specific country, let me know what you want and I might be able to dig it up for you.

Thanks again for reading everyone all over the word. The fact that people in other countries read the dumb stuff I come up with baffles me, humbles me, and makes me smile.

Reminds me of what Fievel said…we’re all under the same sky looking at the same moon, or some crap like that.

So, my non-U.S. peeps, find your country on the list and let me know what you think.

Cliche Thursday coming tomorrow…