Fall 2009 Traffic Trends

Back in July I took a look at my blog statistics and did a little bit of what the statheads call: analysis.

Now that we’re firmly in the grasp of winter, I thought it would make sense to look back at the statistics from the Fall to see what we can learn about you and your states.

BryanAllain.com Fall 2009 Stat Breakdown

States with the smallest representation? (In the summer it was Wyoming and South Dakota)

Fall 09: Wyoming and Vermont. I only had 3 visits from each state over the entire Fall season. Vermont folks were probably busy looking at the foliage and harvesting maple syrup from their log cabins. But Wyomingites? Twice in a row you disgrace me like this! I don’t even know who you are anymore. And I never did.

Most surprising high-ranking state? (In the summer it was Georgia at #3)

Fall 09: North Carolina, you slippery devil. You snuck in there at #3 right ahead of Georgia. Maybe it was because I spoke in North Carolina in September at a high school retreat? Or maybe it’s just because my sister lives there and I pay her a large salary to reload my website every few minutes? Either way, I love me some tar heels.

and while we’re here, I’d love to speak at your Youth Camp, Youth group, College Group, Men’s Group, or church Group. I’ve been known to bring the funny now and again, and I’ve got a handful of messages I’ve been working on that center around staying connecting with God and bearing fruit that matters. There’s more info here if you’re interested, enough of this…

Most surprising low-ranking state? (In the summer it was Delaware at #40)

Fall 09: Connecticut, how dare you rank #36 among all the states? I have to put up with your embarrassing traffic issues on I-95 every time I travel to my parents’ house and THIS is how you repay me? You and your 2-lane interstate can go take a short walk off a volcano lip.

My most engaged readers? (In the summer it was the good people of Maryland at 8:25 per visit)

Fall 09: Alaska! At 3 minutes and 57 seconds per visit, Sarah Palin and her minions spent the longest amount of time on the site per visit. But really, what else were they going to do with all the snow and polar bears outside?

My least engaged readers? (In the summer it was Hawaiians at 0:02 per visit)

Fall 09: Vermont. You know those 3 visits I mentioned a few minutes ago? Well they lasted, on average, 0 minutes and 0 seconds. I grew up in New England for the love of the Kennedy’s. I feel completely betrayed.

Highest % of single page visits (leave site after viewing 1 page)? (In the summer it was Idaho)

Fall 09: Vermont. Unbelievable. (actually not really since their visits lasted less than a second). Looks like I need to spend some time getting visitors from The Green Mountain State. Excuse me…

Wow, BryanAllain.com is the only place to find the best maple syrup in the world that helps you lose weight.

Hey everyone, I have lots of Phish bootlegs on my site of shows that Trey and company played for only me.

Laughter and marijuana are the best medicines. And maple syrup.

I believe hemp sweaters and birkenstocks are going to come back on the fashion scene with a vengeance in 2010.

Skiing, liberals, copious recreational drug use, and log cabins are my favorite things in the whole world. Go sawx!

…Okay, I’m back

Lowest % of single page visits? (In the summer it was Nevada)

Fall 09: Hawaii! Thank you for browsing around my site so much, my island friends. And I swear, this had nothing to do with my brother Jordan, who moved to Hawaii in September. It was probably all of the LOST cast members reading my blog between takes.

Here’s the complete State rankings based on total number of visits to my site.

Find your state and explain the ranking to me…

…and maybe even tell me what I can do to help your state jump in the rankings.