10 More Reasons to Get Your Yearbook

This will be the only post about the Blog Yearbook this week, so I figured we’d get it out of the way on Monday.

161 people had downloaded it as of Sunday morning, and if you’re not one of the cool kids who are reading it, I am not impressed with your ability to resist the trends of popular culture.

In fact, if you’re waiting for a written invitation, here you go…

Dear Reader,

I am writing to invite you to download your free copy of the BryanAllain.com 2009 Blog Yearbook. Here’s 10 reasons why you should:

1. This is a written invitation. Not doing what I’ve politely asked would be rude.

2. I’ve highlighted a handful of the best comments of the year in the Yearbook. Perhaps you were one of them? (You probably weren’t, but you never know…but you probably weren’t.)

3. I added 3 places to my Heroes from Unlikely Places list: other planets, the yearbook, and the drip tray of my grill.

4. I woke up this morning with a spider on my ear and it freaked me out something fierce. Not joking. Your download of the Yearbook would comfort me in this time of peril. (FYI, i flicked the spider off my face, grabbed my iPhone, and crushed the spider with 3G.)

5. There is a special section in the Yearbook where you can draw things. You can’t do that on any old piece of paper.

6. One of the new book excerpts involves my mom finding a note from my 6th grade girlfriend that had “Bad Boys Bring Babies” written on the bottom of it. Not the best day of my life.

7. Because it’s easier than you think to get one. Go to this page. Click the button, submit email and name, and click to download.

8. Because I will not sell your email address to the North Korean government, despite the intense personal pressure they are putting on me to do so.

9. I added Tiger Woods to the potential antichrist post, saying “Forget the philandering and deception, anyone who can have such precise command of the golf ball needs to be tapping into the dark arts on some level.”

10. You’ve only got 14 days left before it becomes a $2.99 download. Now, if you’d rather pay me for it than get it for free, then by all means, wait until February. I’m cool with that. Heck, I might even have it available in more than one format for you to purchase…we’ll see.

Thank you for reading this written invitation inviting you to download the 2009 BryanAllain.com Blog Yearbook.


ps…if you’ve already downloaded and want to leave me a comment about the yearbook, go for it. If you have good things to say I might add your quote to the yearbook page. If you have bad things to say I will publicly accept your criticism with grace, but will inwardly judge you.