An Interview and a Call to Action

Here’s five mostly unrelated but completely relevant things for you to hit up on the ides of January.


1. My friend Matt posted an interview with me at his blog, TheChurchofNoPeople, today. Click over to the interview to learn what my stage name would be if I had one, how I feel about the book writing process, and my true thoughts on the barbaric sport known as arm wrestling. (and while you’re there subscribe to Matt’s blog and give it a spin, you’ll be happy you did.)

2. Over 110.9 people have downloaded the 2009 Blog Yearbook since it launched on Wednesday. Just 17 days left to get your free copy before it’s price goes up by infinity to $2.99. Here’s a few quotes from people I didn’t pay off…

“I got mine! ¬†And already read all of it. ¬†Brought back many laughs & some new ones too.” – jennybek

“Oh me oh my, Christmas in January!! Just glanced through the office bathroom and lose-a-guy-in-10-days posts. HILLarious.” – Amy

Download yours today or I’ll arm wrestle you.

3. I’ve got a Facebook Fan Page for my writing now. If there was a good reason for you to click over and become a fan, I’d give it to you here. Clearly, there isn’t. Here’s the link anyway.

4. I got rear-ended on Wednesday night. That sucked. A little sore in the neck and back, but thankful it wasn’t worse. $2000 in damage to my car, but his insurance company will be paying for that since it was completely his fault.

Auto accidents: one of the few times you can push the blame completely on someone else and not feel like a weasel.

5. Have you contributed a few bucks to help the people of Haiti yet? Erica and I just did before publishing this post. It seems a bit overwhelming because everybody and their brother is bombarding you with links to give here and give there. Here’s the link I used: Haiti Earthquake. It lets you give to Compassion International’s Haiti Earthquake Response Fund. Compassion supports over 65,000 children in Haiti through their programs, so you can be confident that they know exactly how to use the money you give. And they are the only non-profit in it’s category to receive eight consecutive years of four star rating from

Erica and I have been sponsoring a little girl from Haiti named Berakania for a few years now. She’s just one day younger than our daughter Kylie. Please join us in continuing to pray for her, and all the people of Haiti. And please give a little out of your wealth.

Have a great weekend, everybody!