More Living with the Amish

Today is a special winter edition of Living with the Amish.

As always, these are real pictures of real amish folk taken with my real iPhone.

Here we go…

This shot was taken from my front step during a snowstorm last month.

It proves 3 things:

1. Amish buggies DO drive down my street.

2. Amish horses fear no weather.

3. I did not cut the tall grass in front of our house like I told Erica I would. (Husband FAIL)

This is a truck full of Amish people.

You can’t read the back window sticker, but it says, “Al Qaeda Hunting Club”

Wail until Osama finds out the Amish are after him.

and wait until they’re community leaders find out they were driving in a devilmobile.

The next time you get mad because your car’s not warming up fast enough, remember little Jakey.

Scooter + cold winter morning = Frostbite FAIL

Remember the days when you could fit 4 horses onto 1 street?

Road FAIL.

This is what happens when you’re crawling behind an Amish buggy at 10 MPH and get rear-ended.

It happened to me last week, and while my car needs work, thankfully I’m okay.

For those of you who think I owe the Amish an apology for these posts, I think we’re even now.

Normal sledding = you on a sled, having a blast on snowy hills.

Amish sledding = your groceries on a sled,  hating life on snowy roads.

Finally, this has nothing to do with the Amish, but I had to share it anyway.

It’s a mug from a cabin we stayed at recently,

and it might be the creepiest beverage holder in the entire Western Hemisphere.

Mother-In-Law FAIL.

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