Yearbook Advance Copy Winners

On Wednesday I’m launching my first e-book, filled with 25 of the best posts from here on the site in 2009.

The e-book will be a free download for the month of January, and will be the cost of a starbucks coffee (3 bucks) after January 31st.

I told you I’d give away 3 advance copies today if you left a comment on Friday’s post, and 23 of you did.

Thanks to, here’s your 3 winners:

Mary P



Pretty sure I have email addresses for Mary and Shawn, but not for Jack, so make sure you send it along Jack.

Thanks everyone else for giving it a shot, can’t wait for you to be able to download a copy of the Yearbook for yourselves in a couple days.

Got a bunch of ramblings to unload on you tomorrow, so stay tuned…