Amish Drunk Driving

There’s nothing funny about drunk driving.

But you’ve got to admit, since no one got hurt in this incident a few weeks ago, it’s almost worthy of a little chuckle. (and if not, I apologize.)

Elmer Stoltzfoos Fisher was driving his horse and buggy down Ronks Road (10 minutes from my house) and he repeatedly kept drifting into the wrong lane. Eventually his horse and buggy came to a stop…on the road…straddling the center dividing line.

Did the horse run out of gas? Nope. Elmer was so drunk that he fell asleep. Officers found him slumped over and unconscious, holding the reins of his horse.

Again, this could have been a tragic accident. Even at slow speeds, drunk driving can cause serious damage to you and everyone else on the road. Thankfully no one got hurt.

But the silver lining is, now you’ve got another story to bring up during one of those awkward conversational pauses at a holiday party.

“Did you hear about that Amish guy who got pulled over for drunk driving with his horse and buggy?”

(and please, if you have a drink or three this Holiday season…ALWAYS play it safe. Remember Elmer. Anyone can destroy a life with 1 bad decision.)

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Thanks to Ron for the heads up. (