Dumb Facebook Fan Pages

If you’re like me, you hit “ignore” every time someone sends you a request to join their Facebook group, help them with their Facebook farm, or take their Facebook survey.┬áIf you participate in all those things, that’s fine. I’m not judging you. It’s just not for me.

The funny thing is, for every legitimate group/page that exists, there’s probably 100 that should not. I don’t know what the founders of these tribes were thinking, but apparently they weren’t alone because they’ve actually got people to join them…in some cases a lot of people.

Here’s a handful of real examples from Facebook. (I’m gonna predict this is the first of many similar posts because there’s a lot more where this came from).

1. The “I Know I’m Not Going To Die in 2012, but I’m Still Scared” Page

you just know one of these 419 people IS going to die in 2012…

…and then they’ll realize they had a reason to be scared all along.

2. The “I’m the Girl, You’re the Boy. Text Me First or We Don’t Talk Today” Page

a few thoughts…

1. Thank you God I am not dating anymore!!!

2. Can’t believe a half a million people are on board with this.

3. If you’re a guy and you have joined this group, I’d like to punch you in the neck.

4. If this guy is your boyfriend, you should probably call him right now. He’s about to die in a car accident.



2000 people hate facebook so much, they joined it.

AND they spent time on it searching for a fan page.

Now THAT is hatred.

4. The “I Hate Battery Low” Page

2.2 million people are fans of this page.

Those same people are also fans of the following pages:

  • The “I hate being sick page”
  • The “I hate getting mugged” page
  • The “I hate it when a loved one passes away in a tragic accident” page
  • The “I hate it when someone slaps me in the face” page
  • The “I hate diseases” page

5. The “Shut Up, I’m Busy” Page

So busy, in fact, that I had time to join this page on Facebook.

Fess up folks, any of you a fan of these pages?

(if you come across some awful fan pages/groups you want me to highlight in future blog posts, email me at bryanallainATgmail.com and I’ll credit your contributions.)