10 Random Things Floating in my Head

Today’s one of those rare days where I don’t have something I need to get off my chest in a blog post. Nothing to pick on, poke fun at, or push to you (except this ridiculous sale at Amazon on the ENTIRE SEINFELD SERIES. Just $84.99 for all 190 episodes. Click here to buy through my Amazon Affiliate Link so I make a nickel.)

In lieu of a typical blog post, here’s 10 random things floating in my head.

1. I’ve always wanted to use the word “lieu” on my blog. Nice to get that out of the way.

2. Let’s remember what’s important here folks. No one can land a ball as close to where they want it to land as Tiger Woods. That’s what really matters. (yes, I twittered that earlier today. Yes, you should follow me.)

3. I’ve told you before about my penchant for getting sneaky with our Christmas cards. Well, this year I completely outdid myself. They go in the mail today, so if you’re on our list be prepared. And if you’re not on our list, I’ll share the card in a future blog post.

4. Last month I hinted about a project I was working on with funny people. Thanks for all the name suggestions, we will be choosing one soon. I think I’ll have more to share on this front in a couple weeks.

5. I get some wacky ideas from time to time. Some of them are great. More of them are terrible. The work comes in figuring out which group each idea belongs in. Like the other day I had an idea about doing some blog coaching. Helping people achieve their blogging goals, whatever they may be. Still not sure about this one. (but if you’ve got an opinion, feel free to share.)

6. Somehow at our work “year end” lunch (you cant’ say Christmas or Holiday anymore thanks to Al Gore inventing the internet), the topic of first jobs came up and I shared that I was fired from the first 3 I worked at. This led to the chicken pockets story. I don’t think my boss will ever look the same at me again.

7. I’m in a waiting room with my book journey right now. There’s a relief that comes from not having the ball in your court. But there’s also anxiety that comes from not having the ball in your court. It’s been strange to see my emotions fluctuate when I’m not in control. (of course, truth is I’m never really in control, I just like to think I am.) As always, I’ll keep you guys in the loop with all of it.

8. Remember that dinner I had with Jon Acuff and the Zondervan folks back in October?

Well, the dude in the red shirt was a relative of the dude standing in the background. Red Shirt was also dating Kathryn, a So You Think You Can Dance contestant who had just made it through to Vegas week when we had that dinner (a fact that made both Jon and I a little too giddy). Fast forward 2 months and Kathryn is one of 6 dancers in the show’s finale next week.

So not only am I sitting next to Rob Bell’s editor in that photo, but I’m now 4 degrees of separation from the unbearable Mary Murphy. (and for the record, I have no idea if Red Shirt and Kathryn are still dating…but he seemed like a nice guy, so she better not have dumped him.)

UPDATE: according to the always trustworthy Anne Jackson, Red Shirt and Kathryn are still dating. And Red Shirt’s name is Kameron. Tune in to SYTYCD on Tuesday night to support Kathryn, Red Shirt, and this blog.

9. Collide Magazine is having a contest where you can vote for your favorite blog. Not only was my blog not nominated, but they didn’t even consider nominating me. Like not one person in the room thought to themselves, “should I mention that Bryan Allain blog…nahhh” (I have no proof of this, but I’m fairly confident.) I was going to protest this injustice by not giving you the link to go vote, but then I realized that I have a few friends on the list. So here’s the link. I recommend voting for Stuff Christians Like (since he lets me guest post), JesusNeedsNewPR (since he also lets me guest post…about sex!!!), or Jason Boyett (since he occasionally uses my ideas and always gives me credit).

10. What if I took my best blog posts from 2009…the ones you all liked the best…and I juiced them up and made them funnier and longer…and I put them all together into one sharp looking document…and I added in all the best comments that you guys have submitted on the posts…and I offered it to y’all for your reading pleasure. Would that be something you’d be interested in?

Okay...brain empty now…back to work.