More Living With the Amish

As always, these are real pictures of real amish folk taken with my real iPhone.

Today’s pictures were all taken at a local community fun day.

Here we go…

It’s a little known drawback to growing up with a TV.

You never see anyone hula hooping.

For all these girls know, this plastic ring is the biggest necklace ever.

Or the shortest tunnel ever.

3 things you didn’t know about the Amish:

1. They make amazing whoopie pies.

2. They make amazing donuts.

3. They have an official sponsorship deal with Mountain Dew.

Erica frantically searches her wallet for Amish money to pay for Parker’s donut.

Pop Quiz Hotshot:

This young Amish boy is quizzically looking on as everyone else…

a) does the hokey pokey

b) does the Soulja Boy

c) tries to remain culturally relevant

I was planning on making a crack about the amish kids having fun in the blowup castle,

but clearly we need to talk about the two non-Amish fire volunteers.

Dude in the foreground needs to find a better way to sit while he winds his backup watch.

Dude in the background might be a tad too old to be running excitedly into one of those.

(see that, I’m an equal opportunity fun poker.

I’ll poke fun at everyone, regardless of their stance on technology.)

Though her Amish background frowned upon cheating,

the young girl knew there was no way she was getting under that limbo pole the right way.

Her parents weren’t looking, so it was now or never.

You go girl!

You’ll be excommunicated from the Amish church,

but it was SO worth it.

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