Guess the CD Name Part 3 ANSWERS

Because you need something to get you going on a Monday morning, here’s the CD names from last week’s quiz.

I told you that this CD name included to word “lonesome”.

No one came close, but Erin’s guess of

“Gets a Might Lonesome in the Tanning Bed” felt right.

Here’s the actual name…

I told you that this CD name included the word “laying”.

No one came the remotely close, but jennybek made me laugh with her slightly mean title :

“Laying Aside our hope of Procreation”

I also concur with David C. that I don’t know how a quartet can have 6 people.

As for what they were laying, here you go…

Finally, I told you that this CD name included the word “choices”.

This one was actually a trick question because I gave you the answer. It’s a one-word title.

And while we’re here, I need to ask the question…

How bad did the photo shoot for this album go that they had to choose this one for the cover?

“Hey John, we’ve got a great shot for the cover. You’re looking at a different camera and you’re holding the guitar so awkwardly, we’re not even sure you know how to play it. It’s fantastic!”

Thanks for playing along everyone!

3 new CDs coming on Friday.