Help us Name the Beast

I’m currently working on a project with a few other really talented, really funny blokes. We’re going to be putting something together that will hopefully make you laugh until you cry, vomit, come within inches of losing your life, and then return to 100% health, only stronger and more resistant to nomadic strains of H1N1.

It will have lots of original content, will redefine the terms “silly” and “trivial humor”, and will be published a few times a year. We also hope it will raise awareness and a few bucks for important causes. We’d tell you more, but if we did we would have to kill you and make it look like a boating accident. And then we’d run the risk of leaving behind evidence that would find us being fingered as the prime suspect on an episode of 48 Hours Mystery 5 years from now, and we don’t want that.

Everything is falling into place with this beast except for one thing: the name. We’ve got a couple decent ideas that we’re okay going with if we have to, but we feel like there’s gotta be something better out there.

That’s where you come in. Leave us a name idea (or a couple name ideas) and if we choose yours, you will be given fame, fleeting happiness, and a faster metabolism. You will also receive some space in the initial edition of the beast to share whatever it is you want to share with the rest of humanity.

We realize you don’t have a lot of information to go on in offering name suggestions, but you’ve got enough. It will probably be funny, it will probably be quarterly, it will probably support various charities, and it will probably be the thing Bono has been looking for all these years. Or not.

Either way, the suggestion box is open.