Help Build a School in Vietnam UPDATE

In case you missed it, that $30,000 my friend Jon Acuff (the Stuff Christians Like dude) was trying to raise through his readers? Well, he raised it. ALREADY. IN 18 HOURS!

Pretty amazing, if you think about it. A funny dude who blogs on the side of his regular 9 to 5 has such a committed bunch of readers, that they partnered with him and donated $30K in less than a day.

I think it’s remarkable, and so did the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which ran a story about Jon and his readers on Wednesday.

So many people missed the first window of giving, that Jon has decided to raise another $30,000 for a second school in Vietnam. And as of this morning he had already raised one third of it.

If this is the first you’ve heard of this, you can read Jon’s post about it here. Or you can go here to see how much has been given and donate yourself.

Thanks again for considering

pps…May or may not be a top secret project in the works that involves Jon, yours truly, and some other studs. More info on that as early as next week.