Guess the CD Name Part 1 ANSWERS

Last Friday I introduced a new game, in which you guess the name of the local CD for sale at a grocery store near my house.

I don’t think anyone chose all 3 correctly in the comments, though there were some pretty funny guesses.

Here’s the actual CD names:

The correct name of this album by The Schmidts & First Love is…

b. Yodeling By Request

But let’s be honest here, has anyone EVER requested yodeling in their life?

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was no track list because it was an empty CD.

The correct name of this album by Lena Mullet is…

a. I’ll Meet You in the Morning

Though I think a more appropriate title would be…

“I’ll meet you in the morning with a huge wet spot on my right side from the dew.”

Finally, the name of this album by Third Dimension is…

b. Wildwood Flower

Here’s the thing. I’m sure the man on the cover is a nice fellow, but really???

If this cover featured a 20 year old guy in the middle,

and I tried to Photoshop in the most ill-fitted replacement for him,

THIS is exactly what I would have been shooting for.

(and no way would I have come up with something half this good. It’s amazing.)

More Guess the CD names coming on Friday.