3 Question Reader Survey ANALYSIS

Last week I asked you, the readers, 3 questions:

1. Heads or Tails?
2. Do you sit across from or beside your sweetie at a restaurant?
3. Are you a morning person or night person?

We had 50 responses…here’s how the results broke down:

69% of you like to call heads, only 31% call tails.

65% of you would rather sit beside your sweetie, 35% prefer to sit across.

54% of you are night owls, 46% are morning people.

What does it all mean? I have no idea.

Here’s how each group shook out:

Heads-Beside-Night (Ben, JMJ, Katdish, Helen, Notofthisworld, Janelle, Katie, Jeff, BenofB&J, Spearle)

This was the most popular choice, so you all can stay up late, sit beside each other, and talk about how it feels to be in the majority.

Heads-Across-Morning (me, Matt, indescribable13, Michael, Bill B, Austin, Tudy, and Jenni)

This was the group I fell into, which means it’s the bestest.

Heads-Beside-Morning (Faye, Glynn, dustyken, wvpv, Juliebelle, Erin, Patty, and Staci)

The top 3 most popular responses all included “heads”. Clearly it is the appropriate choice to make in all coin flip situations.

Tails-Beside-Night (claygirlsings, SM, TJ, Zac, Chuck, Lee, DTDorrin)

Our first group of “tails” folks. Like the majority, you guys also like to go out for late night Waffle House runs and sit beside your guy/girl while you pound smothered/covered hash browns.

Heads-Across-Night (AymieJoi, Morgan, Lacey, Alex, Nicky)

If it wasn’t for Alex, this whole subset of respondents would be girls. Actually, maybe Alex is a girl. Let’s pretend she is.

Tails-Beside-Morning (Kelly, Kristen, Andrea, Pete)

When y’all are out late at night feeling sorry for yourselves because you like to call “tails”, and you start to fall asleep because you’re morning people, do you just lean over and sleep on your boo? I bet you do.

Tails-Across-Night (Jon, Tim M)

I guess you guys aren’t in danger of falling asleep after midnight, so you enjoy the freedom of not needing a shoulder to sleep on. Good for you.

Tails-Across-Morning (Lance)

Good ole Lance is up early calling tails with no one sitting next to him in his booth. Unfortunately, no one is sitting across from him either. He was the only one to pick these 3 answers.

The People who Like to be Difficult (Scott, Peter P, Nancy, savinggrc, Hannah)

3 simple questions, and yet you folks couldn’t give me 3 simple answers. I hope it was worth it. (I’m sure it was.)

Thanks for playing along everyone, I’m sure we’ll do that again!