Guess the CD Name Part 1

Last night Parker and I were in a grocery store that has a rather extensive section of local music, and when I came across it I was stopped in my tracks. Literally. Between the CD covers, the band names, the album names, the hairdos, and the outfits, I knew I had to share the love with the rest of the world.

So we’re debuting a new contest that will run every Friday for the next few weeks. I’ll give you the CD covers for 3 of these local gems along with 4 possible names. Your job is to guess the actual name of the album.

I have no idea if these are available online or not, but no Googling or cheating. That would take the fun out of it, and besides, there’s no prizes involved for being right anyway. Just the thrill of knowing you are in touch with your local Lancaster County Mennonite music scene.

UPDATE: If you don’t like the available choices, please submit your own album name under choice ‘e’.

Here we go…

The name of this album by The Schmidts & First Love is…

a. We Love Hats and Beards

b. Yodeling By Request

c. All For the Glory

d. Go Tell it on the Mountain

e. _________________________

The name of this album by Lena Mullet is…

a. I’ll Meet You in the Morning

b. I’ll Fly Away Oh Glory

c. I’ll Join With Creation and Praise

d. I’ll Have Grass Stains on this Lavender Outift

e. _______________________________

(ps…don’t miss at the very bottom that the CD includes harmonies by Amos Mullet Jr.)

The name of this album by Third Dimension is…

a. Wild Things

b. Wildwood Flower

c. Lily of the Valley

d. Valley Songs

e. ____________________________

UPDATE: here’s the answers