Things I DO NOT support

in no particular order, here’s a few things you won’t see me supporting anytime soon…

(don’t take any of this personally…unless your name rhymes with Flip Cosby)

+ turtlenecks

+ mustard

+ loud motorcycles

+ The BCS college football system

+ deep sea fishing trips

+ face-painting for anyone over the age of 12

+ Farmville on Facebook

+ Mafia Wars on Facebook

+ 99% of everything on Facebook

+ thick-waled corduroys

+ Tyler’s recent surge in Twitter followers

+ beers with more calories than a philly cheesesteak

+ pennies

+ coworkers bringing in donuts

+ trackball mouses (mice)

+ wearing a basketball jersey while not playing basketball

+ Tripp Crosby‘s adamant refusal to take the Humor Survey

+ soup spoons

+ my own snacking habits

What about you?

Want to make a statement a remove your support from anything under the sun?

Here’s your chance.