There is a Reason

Was listening to some Caedmon’s Call last night while cutting the grass and got the thought that maybe somebody reading this blog needed to hear this song today. Don’t think I’d call it a divine premonition or anything…maybe just a hunch.

The first video is the album recording of the song with lyrics and some background images that someone put together.

The second video is one that I shot of the band performing the song live at the Rivers Ranch in Texas when I was traveling with Caedmon’s during the release week of Overdressed 2 years ago. (Jon and Sherri Rivers host a morning show that can be heard on KLove I believe.)

(by the way, that smirk on Derek’s face at the beginning of the following video is because Cliff couldn’t remember the words so he was reading them off the computer. oh and check out the cameo from Erica, Kylie, and Parker on my computer screen.)

Hope the song and the truth behind it gives you hope where you’re at today.