The Power of Cheez-Its

It’s been well documented on this blog that I love Cheez-its.

They’re my kryptonite, my guilty pleasure, and my comfort food, all in one box.

Imagine my excitement when my mom sent me this email the other day, informing me that the love of Cheez-its is something that actually runs in our family.

Check out this story:

Hi bry how are you and the family?

I wanted to tell you this short story. I was talking to grandpa about stuff when he was younger, and he was telling me about when he was in the war and he had to take a boat trip with about 3,000 guys on a ship from Seattle, Washington to Japan. It was a 2 week journey on this ship and a lot of the guys were getting sick. He said that guys would go down and get in line to get food and as they would get closer and closer to the food the smell would make them sick and they would have to go up and outside.

He said that he bought 12 boxes of Cheez-its and kept eating them every time he felt hungry. He would occasionally have hard boiled eggs in the morning, but it was the Cheez-its that kept him from ever getting sick. I told him that was your favorite snack if you would have only know about bringing them (on your fishing trip a few weeks ago).  I thought that was pretty cool, he didn’t know you liked them.

love mom

Behold the power of Cheez-its! I bet your favorite snack doesn’t have healing powers and a history like that. (And speaking of history, so cool that both of my grandfathers fought for our country).

Anyhoo, if you’ve got a favorite snack and/or favorite snacking anecdote, feel free to share.

Love that story!