Weekend Recap

Had a great weekend these past few days. So great that it deserves it’s own blog post.

Friday Night hung out with our friends Lauren and Jon. We crushed 8 sushi rolls (even Lauren tried a piece!) from Aoki in Exton and the Red Sox won. Kylie went to the movies with her friend Chan to see “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”. All in all, a great night.

Saturday morning I ran 5 miles at a 9:12 pace, which nearly killed me, but thankfully didn’t. Parker had a soccer game later in the morning. His team lost 7-3 but he scored 2 goals, so that was exciting. Erica worked at the pretzel store Saturday afternoon/evening, so the kids played with their cousins and I got some writing done on my book in between helping out with laundry and cutting the grass.

(Family time AND writing. Have I mentioned I love Saturdays? Well, I do.)

Sunday morning I spoke at the 9am and 11am services at FLCC because our pastor (and my good friend) Sam and his wife Michele had their 5th child on Saturday morning. I spoke on what the Bible says about rebounding from failure, and really the chance to share. Thanks again Sam for the opportunity!

Sunday afternoon I enjoyed copious amounts of football ( I’m 12-3 against the spread so far this week…good enough to secure a Week 2 win in my picks league!), then we met with the young adult ministry that we help facilitate, and that went great.

Oh and as you can see, my amazing wife Erica was profiled in the paper this weekend! The “Who’s Cooking” article on page G10 of your Lancaster Sunday News, as written by Jeannette Scott. You can click here to read the whole thing, and to get the recipe, which seriously is probably the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten in my life, and I’m not exaggerating, though I am writing a really long run-on sentence.

Hope you’re weekend went great as well!