Reader Survey Analysis

Last week I asked readers to answer a handful of questions about themselves and the response almost shut down the internet. Okay, well maybe not, but 34 comments for this little blog is pretty good.

Frankly, a response like that demands a follow-up post. So let’s delve inside the answers…

1. If I could do anything else for a living I would be __________.

First off, Kevin wants to cut grass for a living. Let me tell you something Kevin, I am such a nice guy, I will help make your dreams come true. Just ride your mower over to my place and I’ll help fulfill your life purpose. (except for the “replacing your salary” part)

We also should be able to start a Ramblings and Such band with Jordan, Katie, Aaron, TSHolo, and Zac. We’re currently accepting names for the band, so leave your suggestions in the comments.

We could start our own publication as well with Janet, Lee, Rick, Shawn, and myself writing the copy. That’s gonna need a name too.

Of course, all this creative work needs to be documented, so Tim can be our official composer for the music that gets put into our 2-hour documentary. And since we’ll need to look good on film, KT will be our staff nutritionist, making sure the only thing adding ten pounds is the camera.

and finally, a big shout out to Sarah and Kim, who want to make a living by sleeping. Dream big girls, dream big! (you see what i did there? clever.)

2. If I could remove one tv channel from existence it would be ________.

Lee, Aaron, Katie, and Zac apparently don’t like their news to be fair and balanced, so they’re ditching FOX News.

Than and Kevin want to ditch the LoGo network, which honestly, I hadn’t heard of until this post. You learn something new every day.

Emily is a a tv watcher after my own heart – she wants to axe Animal Planet. And as you might have guessed after yesterday’s rant against the animal kingdom, I am completely on board.

3. If I had to move more than 500 miles away, I’d move to _________ because _________.

From the responses to this question it looks like we can start 3 separate Ramblings and Such communities.

The SoCal Locales – Myself, Dusty, Than, Jarrod, and Kevin.

The Northwesterners – Sean, DTDorrin, Aaron, Rick, Lee, and Zac.

and The Hawaiians – Jordan, Katie, and Kim.

Just remember everyone, there will be yearly dues for being a part of our communities. You may choose to pay by depositing $100/month to my Paypal account or you may pay by coming back to the blog and being a part of the community on a regular basis. Your choice.

4. When I think of Wal-Mart I think of ___________.

The “Honest” Responses

Patty – “Disgust. I can’t even go there.”

Kelly: “Necessity-only real store we have here.”

Zac: “Evil corporation. Sweatshops in China. Slave Labor. Local business’ getting shut down. There is a high cost to those Low prices. I haven’t been in one in nearly 4 years.”

The Most Random Response

Sarah: “Sugar-free Kool Aid singles”

The “Truth is Funny” Responses

Dewde: “30 cash registers, 1 cashier.”

Bill B: “wishing I was shopping at Target instead.”

Jarrod: “Old greeters.”

Lee: “When I think of Wal-Mart, I think of little spandex on big people.”

Dusty: “Crowded aisles. And pistol whipping. Because I would rather receive one than have to go there on a Saturday.”

5. The one place on earth I’d like to visit before I die is __________.

Looks like we need to schedule some Ramblings and Such road trips. Here are your travel groups.

Italy – Buddy, Aaron, Sarah, Kim, Bill B, and Sara.

Ireland – Kevin, Sean, KT, TSHolo, and Zac.

London – Patty and DTDorrin.

Australia – Katy, dewde, and Janet.

New Zealand – Aaron and Katie.

Make sure to bring your cameras and take lots of picture for the blog, kids!

Thanks again to everyone for participating in the survey. We’ll have to do one again next month. Always good to get to know y’all a little better.