Grandparents are Great

My kids spent last week with my parents in Massachusetts – a win/win for everyone involved – and they had a great time.

My mom took a bunch of pictures (as required by grandparent law) and I think these two are my favorite.

First, here they are with my dad’s father, who’s 94 and on the ball like nobody’s business.

And here’s Parker with my mom’s dad. The girls were having a tea party, and from the looks of it, they forced the guys to join. Not that Parker cared…the boy needs attention likes he needs oxygen.

I love the fact that my kids are able to have relationship with my grandparents. I don’t remember any of my great-grandparents, but my kids will probably remember most of theirs.

3 of my 4 grandparents are still living (my dad’s mom passed away in 2004) and 3 of Erica’s 4 grandparents are still with us (that includes her grandma remarrying following her husband’s death around 30 years ago)

What about you? Do you remember your great grandparents? Are your grandparents still living? If they are, that’s definitely something to be thankful for today.