Bush vs. Obama: Comparing First Pitches

a friend sent this to me as an email attachment in Powerpoint. Thought it was funny enough to post as a blog, so I made a few tweaks and posted it here.

And don’t bother leaving an angry political comment because I’ll delete it. I respect Bush & Obama and thank them both for serving our country. This is cheap humor…enjoy it for what it is.

Comparing Presidential First Pitches

Assessment of Mechanics

Grip: 2-Seam Fastball, will cut down and away…typical strikeout pitch.

Posture: Power-T to generate hip drive for maximum velocity.

Face: Eyes locked on the target.

Hands: Pitching hand cocked back to hide ball from batter.

Probable Outcome: Fastball that catches the outside corner for a called strike three.

Grip: Palm Ball. Comes in slow and doesn’t move.

Posture: No Power-T. Right hand hanging down towards dirt.

Face: Eyes and mouth show fear that the batter will hit the ball over 600 feet.

Hands: Pitching hand open so batter can see ball during delivery.

Probable Outcome: Ball will be hit so far it will need FAA clearance & a flight attendant.

Comparable Deliveries

11-time All-Star, Roger Clemens

Miss America 2008, Kirsten Haglund

30 thoughts on “Bush vs. Obama: Comparing First Pitches”

  1. Pretty bad Bama. Heard he was a good basketball player. You think there would be some bleed-through of athleticism that would allow him to throw a baseball like a man.

  2. Whether you like Bush or not (or the Yanks or not), you gotta give him props for that first pitch at Yankee Stadium right after 9/11. Freaking. Awesome. I would have been so nervous I’d have hit Yogi in the back of the head.

  3. It’s obviously Bush’s fault that Obama doesn’t have good form. I mean, Bush did have 8 years to work on it, and Obama can’t fix it in two years.

  4. I prefer my PRESIDENT to be an intellectual in touch with his feminine side, a harvard educated Juris Doctor who earned his way into his position and can’t throw a baseball (who cares?!), rather than a meat head (who throws a ball like a pro (Whoop de doo!) who only got his masters in business from harvard due to daddy’s connections and money.

    1. HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA HHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA……..yea obo is a real scholar…CHEATED, LIED, MOOCHED, his way through school. that no one remembers him…Yeah, what a stand up, soc.sec.# stealing, foreign aid theft, and loss of his law license kinda MAN…GAG!!! REALLY???????????

  5. I loved this so much I posted at the Black Sphere (I’m the editor), of course linking back to you! I play baseball and knew this, but hadn’t seen the step-by-step assessment. Too great!

    1. Thanks Tami, its not that Obama is a “girlie” man (bad enuf) but that the media covers up his wicked poor pitch (as well as his politics) so the uninformed won’t have any negative influence. Sheez.

      Can’t you imagine if Bush threw like a girl, what would happen? Like Ford stumbling (made fun off – even tho Ford was an all American football player at Michigan – and top of class), Cheney shooting .. ok ok now you got me LOL

  6. Gotta love it.One a President-the other a pretender.He “O” pitches like he is
    running our once great country. Into the bloody ground

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