Summer Traffic Trends, Pt. 2

Yesterday’s post on my summer traffic trends generated some good responses. Instead of answering back in the comments, I thought I’d follow up with today’s post.

Sean wrote: “I’m a reader and an Okie.”

Sean, Oklahoma was 21st out of all the states. Not bad…but not great. Have I mentioned that I am not a fan of the University of Texas? Hook ’em Horns? Pshaw. How about you get a real color instead of burnt orange. The U of T color looks like what you’d get if you mixed you orange juice, coffee, and pee in the morning. Not exactly inspiring.

Katy G wrote: “I’m glad NY isn’t one of those barely colored states! Is it almost the same color as MA? For shame MA..your home deserve more”

Well, Massachusetts was #6 and New York was #10. Maybe when you break down the visits per capita the numbers would look better for Massachusetts. Or maybe a prophet is never welcomed in his hometown. And maybe I just called myself a prophet, which I knew I was going to do yesterday.

Aymie wrote: “I’m from western Massachusetts. Could you please do a post that informs the rest of the country that there is part of Massachusetts that ISN’T Boston/The Cape (there is, I swear!)?”

Aymie, I’ve heard of you people before, spouting off your conspiracy theories about the existence of life in MA west of Worcester. Just not sure I believe it. Rumor has it the basketball Hall of Fame is out there somewhere. And as a freshman in college I sent an email to a girl from Lee, MA that I met at an intramural football game. I asked her about her boyfriend, hoping she didn’t have one. You can guess how that ended.

Than wrote: “really, once you’re past Worcester, route 90 should just be called, “stay-on-long-enough-and-you’ll-get-to-the-big-water-fall road”.

Aymie and Than will be fighting behind the school dumpsters tomorrow at 3pm. Don’t tell any of the teachers.

Sarah said: “I’m from VA, birthplace of more presidents than any other state…[then she said a whole lot of things]…We have mountains AND beaches, plus 4 distinct seasons. Basically, we rock. VA is the place to be. Y’all might all want to move here.

Sarah, I’d argue with you but your state came in at #4 among all my visitors. Cavaliers and Hokies 4 life!

Kelly wrote: “Texas here, don’t keep us away. I think I discovered your blog through Stuff Christians Like or something, anyway I am just a weird blog stalker don’t mind me.”

What blog readership would be complete without at least one weird blog stalker? Thanks for filling the role Kelly! (and chances are I’ll be guest posting at SCL again next month…so stay tuned)

Kristy B wrote: “As the name implies, I am from WV! Sadly for WV, I actually view your site from a friends home in VA…any way WV can get the credit for my viewing?! We West Virginians are pretty easily pleased (and we have more teeth than previously thought!). Just keep on keepin’ on!”

Okay, I might have to take back all that nice stuff I said about Virginia. It appears Kristy B is spiking the numbers. Can we get Jeb Bush to conduct a recount (on the voting numbers and on how many teeth Kristy has)?

Beth wrote: “WooHoo! Go Nevada!”

Beth, I hope you clicked onto another page after visiting yesterday. Wouldn’t want to be responsible for ruining Nevada’s streak.

Aaron wrote: “…I’m from deep south Texas, which is different from “the South.”…Around here, you won’t get shot or even looked at with the evil eye for smack talking Texas. You would, however, be in the vicinity of 11,000 AMAZING “authentic” Mexican taco places and 5 minutes from the Mexican border.”

In addition to the “weird blog stalker” every blog needs to have a “person with chronic diarrhea”. From the sound of it, Aaron fills that role quite nicely.

Carolyn asked: “What about Canada!?”

Good question Carolyn. If Canada was a state, it would be ranked 11th, between New York and Alabama. That’s respectable, eh?

Side Note: On July 2nd I had a Canadian visitor (from the Vancouver area) who came to the site 3 times and spent almost an hour and a half reading. Who was that? Show yourself so I can give you a digital high-five.

Nate asked: “What’s up with Michigan in that map?”

Good question Nate…Looks like they got too lazy to color Lake Michigan in blue. Tsk tsk.

Jacob wrote: “I would request something interesting about Alabama in a future blog, but there really isn’t that much interesting here. Maybe you could touch on the fact that all rednecks are not, in fact, from Alabama.”

I’m not really an expert on the redneck dispersion among southern U.S. States, so that would be a tough post. But I can say that I’ve got more friends in Alabama than I do in Arkansas, Lousiana, and Mississippi combined. So clearly it must be far superior to those states. (Although, as we just found out, I’ve got more readers in Canada then Alabama. Wouldn’t that be a fun fight? Canada vs. Alabama. Winning country gets to keep Alaska.)

Katie said: “I’m kinda hurt, does Washington D.C. even show up on your traffic monitoring? If not, well, I’m from D.C…”

[fake outrage] Don’t play the victim here, Katie. D.C. does in fact show up on my blog numbers…in 29th place! I’m the one who should be hurt here!I live 3 hours from D.C. and I’ve got twice as many readers from Minnesota. Minnesota! This is unacceptable [/fake outrage] (thanks for reading Katie)

Katdish wrote: “I wouldn’t worry so much about Chuck Norris if I were you. Or did you not know that I’m from Texas? Surely you knew that…

Any lawyers out there? Or at least someone who slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night? Do you think there’s enough of a threat here for me to charge her with assault and battery? This is how they do it in Texas, I guess. Bunch of bullies.

Thanks for the responses, everyone…lots of fun getting your feedback.