Summer Traffic Trends

Most people feel that looking at statistics is boring. But looking “inside the statistics”? Now that’s a hoot.

(As always, the darker the shade of green, the more visitors from the state)

10 Thoughts on my traffic numbers

1. I’ve had a visitor from every state in the past month. Way to represent, America.

2. States with the smallest representation? Wyoming and South Dakota with only 1 visitor each. Note to self: more posts about cowboys and kayaking. (Not sure why I’m associating kayaking with S. Dakota. I guess because it’s got a huge river running right through the middle of it?)

3. Most surprising high-ranking state? Georgia at #3. Apparently my constant mentioning of Atlanta-ites Tyler, Tripp, and Jon Acuff is paying off. (you see what I just did there? I mentioned them again. Clever.)

4. Most surprising low-ranking state? Delaware at #40. C’mon Blue Hens. I live about 45 minutes from you. My in-laws own a business in your state. I occasionally buy beer in your state because Pennsylvania’s liquor laws are atrociously outdated and asinine. And this is how you repay me?

5. My most engaged readers? People from Maryland! They spend an average of 8 minutes and 25 seconds on the site. Either they’re really into what I’m doing there or they’re reeaallly sloooooow readers. I’m going with the former.

6. My least engaged readers? Hawaiians. I’ve had 11 of them visit this past month, and the average time on the site is 2 seconds. 2 seconds! Is it even physically possible to visit a site for only 2 seconds? Hopefully this will change when my brother Jordan moves there in September.

7. Highest % of single page visits? Idaho. 1 out of every 8 Idahoans that come to the blog read only 1 page and have had enough. Hey, at least they’re staying for more than 2 seconds.

8. Lowest % of single page visits? Nevada. Of the few dozen people who visited the blog from Nevada in the last month, NONE of them were satisfied with viewing just one page. Way to dig deeper and commit to being thorough, Nevada!

9. Where I’m looking to improve over the next month? Iowa, Arizona, and Oregon really need to step it up. And while we’re here, did you realize 18 states end in the letter ‘a’? You see, this is the type of hard-hitting research I bring to the table. (no wonder these people are staying away)

10. Where I’m not looking to improve over the next month? Texas. Behind my home state of PA, they’re the state that visits Ramblings and Such the most. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with that. If you’re from Texas, what type of stuff should I blog about to keep you away? Or should I just leave this alone before I get the crap kicked out of me by Chuck Norris?

Don’t Mess with Texas, right?

Well, I hope you’re home state represented well…

In fact, if you leave a comment and tell me where you’re from and what your state wants me to blog about , I’ll try to write a specific post for your state in the future. (it can be about anything…surprise me)

What can I say, I’m here to serve.