Random Bathroom Stuff

Today on the blog: 3 items related to using the bathroom. (Stay classy, Ramblings and Such.)

1. My friend Tyler is away on vacation this week, so I’m guest posting for him at his blog today. Click over to his entertaining blog to read my latest “Don’t Be That Guy” entry: The Bad Office Pooper, in which I use the phrase “bank of stank”. (And hey, if you’re new here from Tyler’s blog, subscribe to the feed and give me a few weeks to earn the honor of having you as a reader.)

2. Tripp has a funny post up today about pumping gas, using the bathroom, and washing your hands at a gas station. Which reminded me of this story…

3. Okay, this is a totally true story from the mouth of one of my brother’s good friends a couple years ago. He works in the same building with a Hall of Fame baseball player in the media, and the two of them stepped up to adjacent urinals and had the following conversation one day (as far as I know, my brother’s friend didn’t know this guy well at all) :

[the two of them peeing at the urinals]

My Bro’s Friend: Why do we wash our hands after we pee? Shouldn’t we be washing them before we pee?

Hall-of-Famer: “Yeah, you’re right! My d— IS cleaner than my hands.”

My Bro’s Friend: Exactly!

[the two of them move over to the sink where they wash their hands]

Hall-of-Famer: “Look at us. Two fools washing our hands.”

I think that should be the official catch phrase of Ramblings and Such:

“Look at us. Two fools washing our hands.”