2009 Summer Vacation Photos!

20 years ago I would have invited you over and sat you down in the living room for a 90-minute slide show of vacation photos.

Lucky for you, it’s 2009 and all you get is a 3-minute blog post.

This thing looks so unimpressive in this photo.

Yet it took us almost an hour to create.

Please, pity us and pretend to be impressed.

(side note: why did I go for the “thumbs up” here? Because I’m awesome, that’s why.)

Thanks to Delaware Fishing Tags, we could drive right onto the beach.

I’m totally spoiled now, and never want to carry beach chairs for 5 blocks ever again.

(And try as she might to get away from it, those Pringles are definitely sand-flavored.)

Change his life jacket into a gold chain and PRESTO!

You’ve got yourself a rap video.

(pictured: jordan, kandace, parker, kylie, and megan)

Here’s Erica and I chilling in the back of the boat on the way to dinner.

Little did I know I was about to gain 5 pounds eating ribs and crab legs.

I’d show you the “after” picture, but all photos were destroyed.

Guess who enjoyed the boat rides the most?

Kylie seems to be the only one affected by the nuclear explosion happening next door.

Reason #372 why I love them:

I asked my kids for a smile and this is what I got.

Bad picture taking by me for snapping this before Kylie was ready…

but I can’t resist posting a picture of my two favorite girls.

(eating on the roof at The Cultured Pearl in Rehoboth Beach…good times)

I twittered this image and asked for votes on who’s coloring page was best.

Kylie barely edged out Parker for first place.

I came in last, despite my subliminal blog advertisement hidden in the grass.

(side note: it appears Dan is being held up at gunpoint in the background)

This was from the day after vacation, but I had to share it.

Erica snapped this of Parker with his glow sword at the fireworks in Lancaster.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.