Chain Links for 10Jul09

Here’s a few things that caught my attention on the world wide spider web this week:

[+] Stuff Christian’s Like’s Jon Acuff blew me away this week with his post on “Refusing the Gift of the Desert Road“. Really appreciated the perspective this gave me with regards to my own journey as a writer.

[+] Speaking of perspective, I enjoyed Donald Miller’s post on leaders needing to be able to admit when they’re wrong. His blog post came in light of Robert McNamara’s death. I didn’t know much about the man, but I’ve heard that The Fog of War is worth a watch.

[+] Speaking of Robert McNamara, over at the Burnside Blog Karen Spears Zacharias wrote an inspired rebuttal to Don’s blog post that examined the other side of the coin.

[+] Speaking of things that are metal, if you’re a golfer and you’ve heard about the changes coming to the grooves in your irons, this post has all the details you could ever want.

[+] Speaking of things you might want, would you like to instantly know how far a Home Run was hit in next week’s home run derby so you can challenge your friends to a “yell out the distance of the home run as it leaves the bat” contest? Well, thanks to some newfangled doppler technology, now you will.

[+]Finally, speaking of challenging, Ben Arment continues to keep me from getting comfortable. This post on how fear can paralyze us was a nice kick in the ribs. Thanks Ben!