Saturday Randomosity

I’m going to try a new “every once in a while” feature where I collect all the random thoughts I’ve had and dump them on you like a bucket of slime on Nickelodeon. A few of these were Twitter posts, but mostly it’s just dumb stuff.

Where the Ramblings are usually an attempt to be funny, these are attempting nothing. Set your expectations accordingly.

+ Dave Matthew’s new CD is called “Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King”. Really, Dave? I mean, I know it’s fun to be clever and random and all, but are you really going to take something that you spent hundreds of hours on and slap a title like that on it? It’s enough to keep me from buying the CD, unless I hear rave reviews or David Sessions tells me I have to buy it.

READER UPDATE: Chuck informed us in the comments that the album title is a tribute to the late LeRoi Moore, who was the former saxophonist for the band. Thanks Chuck!

+ How can I say this without being gross…nevermind, I can’t. I’m just happy that God made going to the bathroom to be a rather enjoyable experience. He could have made pooping to be like passing stones or having side cramps, but instead it (usually) doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, if you have young children it can be the most relaxing 25 5 minutes of your day.

+ The fact that Plankton is married to a computer named Karen on Spongebob always cracks me up. The two of them should get their own spin-off.

+ If a brand of deodorant sold itself solely on the claim of “will not turn your tshirt armpits yellow”, I would buy a case.

+ Between Crunch Berries and Peanut Butter Crunch, i think you can make a case for the Captain Crunch Brand to crack the Top 10 Cereal Brands of All Time list.

READER UPDATE #2: Check out this hilarious news story on a woman who sued Quaker because Crunch Berries were not a real fruit! Thanks, AymieJoi!

+ What if all highways were giant conveyer belts? You’d drive your car to the road, and then park on it and let it move you?

+ Sometimes I wonder why I grow grass. so much maintenance for such little usage. who’s idea was this? In 25 years will we all have fake grass backyards that never need cutting, feeding, weeding, whacking, degrubbing, and watering? I hope so. Someone make this happen.