More Living With The Amish

as always, these are real pics of real Amish-folk taken with my real iPhone…

What can we learn about the Amish from this picture?

1. They drink Wawa coffee.

2. They read the newspaper.

3. When photographed in a Wawa, it looks like they are trying to steal coffee.

A few weeks ago I stopped by the local township building to pick up some keys.

As I approached the door, a chicken (hen? rooster?) crossed my path.

I figure this means 1 of 3 things. Either…

1) I will have bad luck for 3 years

2) Someone’s been sneaking acid tabs in my eyelids when I wasn’t looking

3) I live in the middle of nowhere

While the Amish have eschewed advances in transportation and technology,

they have fully embraced advances in volleyball equipment.

That’s a high quality net right there.

The ball? Who knows.

It’s either an expensive Spalding or it’s made out of  a horse’s bladder.

She’s all rainbows and ponytails now,

but give her 70 years and she’ll be one of us.

Oh yes, she’ll be one of us.

Let’s play Where’s Waldo. Can you find…

+ The trash can that resembles how my softball team has played like garbage this year?

+ the Amish dude watching my softball game?

+ His horse?

Okay, now it’s your turn.

Caption please…