Speaking This Summer

My goal headed into this year was to speak a handful of times at places I had never spoken at before. So far, I think I’m on track to accomplish that.

Here’s the rough schedule of where I’ll be talking this summer (some of these are tentative)

+ June 18th – Christiana, PA @ TwentyFourSeven Youth

+ June 20th – Allentown, PA @ Project Serve

+ August 22nd – Tabernacle, NJ @ Bodinestock II Festival

Also, depending on how well the Project Serve event goes, I might be traveling down to North Carolina to speak at a retreat for them in September. So we’ll see. (no pressure!)

I really enjoy speaking and hope to continue to do it more. If you’ve got an event at a church, college ministry, youth group, or men’s group, and if you’re interested in having me come entertain, encourage, and inspire, shoot me an email and we’ll see if we can make it work. (as a side bonus for me, it would be cool to meet more of you, so we can schedule some hang time in there as well.)

For more info on why you’d have me come share to your group, and for sample talks, check out my Speaking page.

I can be reached by sending a human-typed message to bryanallain@gmail.com through one of those email machines.  sorry, no robot correspondence will be returned.