More Living With the Amish

As always, these are actual photos take from my actual phone of actual Amish people.

Random amish dude rollerblading down the street.

No punchline here, I think the serenity of the picture speaks for itself.

Not sure why there’s 10 Amish boys sitting so close to the road, but I’ve got 3 guesses…

1. They’re trying to get as far away from the girls as possible.

2. They’re trying to escape the Amish church.

3. They’re hiding a Nintendo DS.

Some Sundays are worse than others for buggy traffic.

On this particluar Sunday, the buggies were definitely “out”.

Double-yellow “no passing” lines, I fart in your general direction.

3 Amish children transporting a marijuana bush.

What do you do if the lawn is a little too thick for an amish push mower?

You’ve got 2 options:

1. Get your little brother to pull the mower while you push.


2. You break out the Amish riding mower.

Who needs a John Deere when you’ve got an Ed Horse?