The Month in Pictures

I went through my phone this morning to see what this past month looked like in pictures.

Here’s the highlights…

We spent the night at the Great Wold Lodge in the Poconos and had a great time.

You know the saying…

“The family that looks goofy in a hotel room together, has major issues.”

A few weeks ago Parker got a great haircut at a great price.

Swine flu not included.

Two weeks ago Erica’s Aunt Linda married Doug…

During the ceremony, the bride and groom were tempted one last time.

A member of the opposite sex offered each of them a rose and a makeout session.

Both Linda and Doug declined the offers, and moments later were happily married.

(Congrats Doug and Linda!)

My baby girl got her tonsils out two Fridays ago.

She was so brave before and after the surgery. So proud of her.

(and if you’re counting at home, that’s the third surgical mask of the post)

The Obamas said they could not find a Portuguese Water Dog in a shelter.

But I was at a shelter last week in Pennsylvania that had one.

In fact, it’s the second PWD they have had this year.

His name is Junius. And unlike President Obama, he doesn’t tell lies about dog shelters.

Here’s Parker coming off his second cycle of Primabolin.

I don’t what all this “roid rage” talk is about.

I haven’t seen Parker this happy in weeks.

Finally, here’s a postcard we received in the mail this week from a local realtor.

The motto on the postcard:

“When excellence counts in real estate call on me”

What it should say:

“When excellence counts in an ever-changing real estate market,

call on someone who still uses a cordless phone from the mid-90s.”