Family Time

I wasn’t able to attend my cousin Jason’s wedding this weekend in Massachusetts (congrats!), but most of my family was able to go.

Would you like to meet them? Sure you would.

There’s my sister Karyn. She’s getting married to David, who’s to her left, on August 15th of this year. Should be good times. I’m sure there will be a full report of the wedding here on the blog.

Next to David is Michael, who you met a few weeks ago when he drank the Amish root beer. To his left is his wife and my sister, Steph, who’s pregnant with her first baby and due at the end of September.

Next to Steph is my grandfather. We call him Pepe. He’ll be 94 this year, and he’s still stronger and sharper than half of the people you work with. Pretty amazing guy.

Next to Pepe is my brother Jordan. You know him from all the LOST analyis on the blog. (You know, the stuff none of you read). In the time between Karyn’s wedding and Steph’s Baby he’ll be moving to Hawaii. Pretty excited for him.

On the end is my brother Josh, who appeared on the blog when we roadtripped to see Don Miller last October. He lives in Boston (with Jordan) and works at the House of Blues.

The woman across the aisle from Josh might be named Irene. She may or may not have problems sleeping at night without her blue blanky (that she apparently brought to the wedding). She hadn’t worn that black and white jacket since a chilly Labor Day party in 1996 and she probably won’t wear it again. Looks great though!

Well, that’s it for now…

Congrats to Jason and Jill on their marriage!