The IJM Blog

If you’re of the opinion that blogs don’t matter, let me direct your attention to one that MOST DEFINITELY, ABSOLUTELY, 100% does.

The IJM Blog.

I’ve blogged about the International Justice Mission before. They are an amazing organization that rescues girls stuck in human trafficking and prostitution rings all over the world.

There’s 2 great things about this blog:

1. When they are about to embark on an operation to rescue girls, they will ask for prayers that things go well. I love being able to help in that way.

2. When they have a successful operation (or an unsuccessful one), they let you know about it. And trust me, your Google Reader will never get better news than this.

Here’s an example from an update on the blog tonight:

Last night one of our teams in South Asia executed a massive operation THIRTY-FOUR exploited girls were removed from multiple facilities and six perpetrators were apprehended.

Please pray for these girls as our staff works with the government to document their testimonies and secure their rehabilitation and safety. Please also pray for the perpetrators as they undergo the process of being restrained from their crimes and come under the authority of the law.

If you have a word of encouragement for the team or for these girls as they enter new lives of safety and freedom, please feel free to post in the comments below.

THIRTY-FOUR GIRLS! 34 girls that only 24 hours ago were in bondage and oppression, being treated like worthless objects. Tonight they have a better chance than ever to enjoy freedom, both physically and spiritually, than they ever have. If that doesn’t lift your spirit, then you stink.

So yeah, I encourage you to subscribe to the IJM Blog. Follow them on Twitter. Check out their website. And donate $$$ to the cause.

And praise God for 34 girls who have just begun a new chapter in their lives thanks to the amazing work of IJM!