The Work Teeth Brusher

My blog friend Tyler Stanton asked me to write a guest post for his blog in the “Don’t Be That Guy” series of posts that he does.

As soon as he asked me I knew exactly which “that guy” I wanted to write about. The dude who brushes his teeth at work.

Honestly, you should be reading Tyler’s blog already. He’s a really funny guy, and I don’t throw that “funny” word around loosely. (I guess that means I throw it around tightly.)

So check it out: “Don’t Be That Guy: The Work Teeth-Brusher“. And if you enjoyed it, leave a comment over there so he thinks that asking me to guest post was a good idea and it makes him feel good about himself and the choices that he makes. And it will also make him think that I am cool and have loyal readers who follow my writing to other blogs and leave comments like a college football team who has loyal fans that travel to every road game.

(as for that picture of Tyler, like I told him the other day, it looks like he’s either sucking on a lemon or getting a vasectomy. and yet he still looks cool. Do you know how hard it is to look cool during a vasectomy? It’s like splitting the atom.)