3 New Inventions

For the good of our culture and all of humanity, I present these new product ideas for you to pick up and run with…

1. Flavored PlasticwareDo you want lemon pepper chicken or teriyaki chicken tomorrow night? Hurry up! You need to make a decision now so you can marinate the meat long enough! Well, say goodbye to that scenario. With flavored plasticware you just cook regular chicken every time and decide what flavor you want seconds before your first bite. Heck, with flavored plasticware you can alternate between lemon pepper AND teriyaki, just switch forks with every bite!

Tired of paying an extra few cents for flavored yogurt? Not sure if you want to commit to strawberry or pineapple cream cheese? In the mood for hazelnut coffee but all you have is regular? Flavored plasticware is the answer to all of the problems and thousands more that you can’t even think of right now! Hundreds of flavors to choose from, and we’ve even got a catchy slogan: “Eating just got a whole lot more interesting!” WOW, I think I just blew your mind.

2. Scale Shoes – For people who are obsessed with their weight, for whatever reason, I present to you the scale shoe. This is a whole new line of sneakers and dress shoes that display your weight in an easy-to-read digital format right on the shoe. The tiny scale is inside the sole of the shoe…Imagine that! Together, we’re going to make floor scales a thing of the past.

The shoes comes equipped with 2 modes: “Button” Mode, where you have to press a button to see your weight, and “Billboard” Mode where your weight is constantly displayed on your footwear. This will be perfect for people who want to show off how much weight they’ve lost or for people who take pride in how well they carry their weight.

“You weigh 195? Wow, I would have never known! You carry it so well!”

“Thanks kind stranger! And Thank YOU Scale Shoes!”

3. The V-Neck Machine – This is a simple machine you can buy for your home that turns your crew neck t-shirts into much more stylish V-necks. I’m envisioning this simple machine where you put the crew neck shirt in, close the clamshell lid, and in 60 seconds – Presto! You’re 7% cooler.

You’re telling me Billy Mays and his manicured beard couldn’t move 10,000 of these in a month? We’d also throw in for free a chest hair trimmer for guys who are afraid to wear V-Necks because their chests look like the top of Greg Brady’s head.

Alright, which of these 3 products , if any, would you spend your hard-earned cash on?

Better yet, I know you’ve got an invention idea that needs to be made. Let’s hear it.