Steroids and Little League

I couldn’t even listen to sports talk radio this morning. “Steroids, blah,blah”…”Brett Favre, blah blah”. Is this 2009 or 2008? or 2007? or 2006? You get my point.

Like some of you, I was floored and saddened by the ManRam suspension yesterday. I texted a few of my friends to see if they had heard yet. This was my favorite convo, with my buddy Than.

Then last night I was at Parker’s Rookie League game (6-8 year olds) and I couldn’t help but juggle the following thoughts: I love baseball and I love watching my son play baseball…Why did so many MLBers juice? I hate that they’ve tarnished the game like this…I wonder how many of these kids will play baseball in high school or college?…My wife looks really hot sitting in that chair over there…If Manny was juicing, who wasn’t?

As I was thinking about roids and little league, I started envisioning that the kids I was watching were on the juice. This kept me giggling for a few innings, until I realized it was too funny not to share.

Note: I’ve blurred the heads and numbers of the players and changed their jersey color so you’ll never know who they are (and so their parents don’t sue me for libel). Please remember that this is a joke, but steroids aren’t. “The More You Know…”

Remember Kids…Stay Off the Juice!

It can shrink your boys, give you backne, AND cost you millions of dollars!