The Beverage Poll

If you had to list out your favorite beverages based on taste, drinkability, purpose, usefulness, and any other factor you can think of, what would your top 5 look like?

Here’s my Top 10:

  1. Water – still my favorite thing to drink when I am ridiculously thirsty. I love to guzzle water. And I also love the word “guzzle”. guzzle guzzle guzzle.
  2. Coffee -my drug of choice. Tastes great too!
  3. Tea – slightly edges out beer in the 3-spot, mostly because it helps me feel better in the morning, not worse. I love the varieties and I love the tastes. And anyone who think it makes me girly needs to check themselves before they wreck themselves.
  4. Beer – Like tea, I like the taste and the varieties, and I like unwinding with one after a long day. Not so big on the headache if I have a little too much, so I generally try to avoid that.
  5. Milk – Not a big milk drinker like my wife is, but I enjoy drinking the milk at the end of a bowl of cereal WAY more than I should.
  6. Gatorade – When I’m playing sports water just doesn’t cut it for me. I need a sports drink to keep me hydrated.
  7. Liquor – Liquor breaks into the top ten based on my love for a good Margarita once in a while. On the rocks, with salt.
  8. Soda – Not a big fan of soda these days. Coke Zero is probably the only soda I actually enjoy drinking. Everything else tastes okay, but who needs all that sugar? Not this guy.
  9. Iced Tea – Turkey Hill Iced Tea is big here in PA, but I’m not a huge fan. I like the taste, but any caffeine after 4pm screws with me, and most Iced Tea is loaded with it.
  10. Energy Drinks – A few times a year I’ll pound a RockStar, Red Bull, or a Monster just to get the juices flowing. But it usually doesn’t end well.  Aquafina Alive might be one of my favorite energy drinks / flavored waters because of the B-Vitamin jolt, but it’s tough to find.

Honorable Mentions: Fruit juice, wine, Flavored Water (Vitamin Water, etc), lemonade, Icee, Slurpee, Emu Urine.

What about you?

Got a Top 5?

Love to see it…