What the Church Should Take from the Sports World

My friend Jason puts together a Top Ten list every tuesday, but today he was busy with exams so he asked me to throw one together for him.

Since I happened to be working on a top ten list for my book this week, it seemed like the right thing to do. I was posting these on Twitter today, but here’s the full list all in one place. (and in the book these will be expounded upon in more detail than you could ever want).

10 Things the Church Should Take From the Sports World

#10 Hi Tech Intros – Because no pastor should take the stage without a fog machine, lights show, and techno music.

#9 Pricey Programs – because 4 out of 5 free bulletins are left on the pew anyway.

#8 Mascots – Who wouldn’t enjoy watching a big furry God beat up a big furry satan every week?

#7 Dance Teams – Modest, interpretive dances between sermon points for the win.

#6 T-Shirt Cannon – Give away those free church-logo polos no one buys AND keep people awake.

#5 Jumbotron Highlights – We’re a highlight-driven generation. What better way to hammer a point home than to show us an instant replay. In slo-mo.

#4 A Game Clock – The Pastor knows how long he has to wrap it up and we know how long until lunch. Plus, buzzer beaters!

#3 Ticket Stubs – Remember when pastor Mark cussed during that service in 2006? I was there and I’ve got the stub to prove it.

#2 Out of Town Scoreboard – Get a peek at what other congregations are being taught.

#1 Roving Food Vendors – because everything’s more enjoyable with a cold beverage and a hot dog.