LOST 5.14, "The Variable" & Happy Bday Jordan!

Two Items of note on this Tuesday Morning:

1. Jordan and I recorded a new LOSTcast on Sunday afternoon. You can listen to us break down the last episode “The Variable” right here if you like. (Feed reader folks might need to click through to see the player)

2. Today is not only cinco de mayo, it’s also my brother Jordan’s birthday! The man who’s lived in Amish Country, Boston, and (soon) Hawaii over the past few years turns 22 today. In his honor, here’s 22 things I like about him:

he’s hilarious, he’s got a great glove in the infield, he’s great with kids, he likes hamloaf, he’s got diverse taste in music, he’s compassionate, he has been known to sacrifice an entire day to help build a playground, he’s a hard worker, he’s started and finished Don Quixote, he likes LOST, he can juggle, he’s honest, he’s very intelligent, he climbs mountains, he’s a low-maintenance houseguest, he’s a good friend, he’s humble, he doesn’t stink, he’s kind to animals, he’s easy to talk to, he loves and appreciates his family, and he loves the Red Sox.

Happy Birthday, Cinco De Jordan!