Get Your Swine Flu Shot

I don’t normally re-post videos my friend’s sites, but this one is too timely and classic not to share. (I grabbed this from my friend Brad Ruggles’ blog … which you should absolutely check out after you watch this.)

Who knew the Swine Flu was around 33 years ago?
And who knew they were capable of creating such creepy public service announcements with relatively primitive video technology?

What was your favorite part of that creep-fest?

I liked the “I’m the healthiest 55-year old you’ve ever seen!” golfer who has to use his 5-iron as a cane to help him get out of his chair. Is that why you’re winking buddy? Because you haven’t told anyone you’ve got knee replacement surgery scheduled for next month? You are so getting swine flu in your fake knee, you liar.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go wash my hands…

(h/t: Brad Ruggles)